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To All Springsteen Fans: Thank You

This brief post is to all Springsteen fans who have completed or considered completing “The 7-Question Springsteen Fan Survey,” which I released on August 1, 2013. Today marks one month since the final official show of The Wrecking Ball Tour, which ended July 28, 2013, in Kilkenny, Ireland. It also marks the last day my survey will be live. I will be taking it down by 11:59 this evening.

As of this writing, 763 Springsteen fans have submitted responses to the survey.

I am humbled by the trust you have placed in me and the enthusiasm so many have shown by retweeting links to the survey. When I began preparing this study, I had two things in mind. First, keep it short. (Seven questions still seems a bit too long.) Second, I hope people trust me enough to place their inner-most thoughts about Springsteen in my care. I was especially worried because the survey was being released soon after Springsteen and I hit theaters. I remember telling my wife, Wendy (yes, Wendy, I know, isn’t it just wonderful?), that I thought maybe, if I were lucky, I’d break 100 responses. She knew better.

So, to all have taken the survey and those who have considered but declined, I offer my thanks. I hope you come away from the work I produce in collaboration with your thoughts honors that trust. I will, of course, keep you informed as data analysis begins and will post some initial response data after the deadline passes.

(And if you’ve yet to complete the survey, you still have time! http://j.mp/7-q-s)

Many of my Twitter followers know Wendy and I had a son, Seeger Reyes Wolff, on August 14, 2013 (named after Pete Seeger and the wonder of Point Reyes National Seashore, which Wendy and I love). I’ve been singing him “Pony Boy” for the last two weeks. In honor of him, I leave you with an audio of Springsteen singing “Pony Boy” by request at Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford NJ on August 4, 1992. (At posting, the movie isn’t play in the post, but you can click on the title.) I love how he changes it to “Pony Girl” at the end.

PS If you know of a video of it online, please let me know!

Updated 4:25pm

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